Leather crafts

<transcy>Creating illusions</transcy>

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rabbits are our flagship
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plague doctors
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a travez de la optica

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<transcy>Steampunk and punk</transcy>

Own style
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<transcy>eyes mask</transcy>

simples and elegants
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charcters, fantasy and more
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<transcy>face mask</transcy>

be different


find your alter ego
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increase your senses
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take your chance
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<transcy>we shape your imagination</transcy>


<transcy>what they think about us</transcy>

absolutely stunning mask. I’m so pleased with it. It’s comfortable to wear, looks great and is top quality.


good quality & design and customer care. Recommended !!


its 100% masterpiece
my favorite shop at whole site

Сергей Кузнецов

<transcy>Behind Maskaras</transcy>


we are sebas and cynthia, both argentinians living in barcelona for more than 20 years.
we make pieces with unique designs and our own style.
we take care of the details and above all we love what we do.
maskaras sebastian vecchio cynthia rivarola barcelona cuero


<transcy>CRAFF MARKETS</transcy>


Portal del angel ( barcelona)